PAST EVENT – Impacts and Trends in Telemedicine 2015(12 September 2015)

Executive Summary

Healthcare systems globally are facing substantial challenges to improve accessibility and reduce cost, leading to widespread reforms and adopt enabling newer technologies. India with its vast and varied geography coupled with a burgeoning population needs to deliver healthcare not only in urban areas, but also to its rural population located more often in remote areas creating issues of access and reduce quality differentials. With appropriate top level policies and regulations, coupled with cutting edge technology, telehealth can play a significant role in enabling changes to provide healthcare needs of this vast population. In this report, we discuss the impact of telemedicine and future directions to be set for a targeted, purposeful and efficient application of technology to facilitate access to quality healthcare. In order to achieve a positive impact, 'The Impact and Trends in Telemedicine' conclave brought together doctors from across Karnataka including Medical Directors, Hospital Owners, CXOs, and Engineers associated with healthcare technology. This conclave served as a platform for the industry leaders to exchange thoughts through panel discussions under headings such as technology, practice, legal issues, and business models. The time is right for India to encourage research and innovation and to develop telehealth policies to optimize the utilization of a wide range of technologies that fall under the telehealth umbrella. This will enable India to deliver quality healthcare in a structured, innovative and cost effective way For further information, you can download our special report on the proceedings of the conference.

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